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Ninja for Google Analytics.

It's web analytics for web designers and developers (and your clients).
It uses your existing Google Analytics data, and bubbles up the cool stuff.

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I'm intrigued. What's the story?

First, let me say hi! I'm Luke, the founder of Ninja for Google Analytics. Here's the Ninja back story: I found myself spending hours poring over all the juicy data in Google Analytics when designing client sites. (I read—and have written—web analytics books, so I knew what I was looking for.)

It was (and is) extremely time consuming, but what I dug up was usually extremely valuable, both for me as the designer, and my clients as the business owner.

For instance, clients often wouldn't know what their actual top landing pages were, or how they performed (the "home" page often isn't), or which pages they needed to fix. They didn't know which content was turning visitors into customers, and what content was causing them to click and leave. They didn't know if all that effort they put into new content was going to waste. They didn't know how their navigation was performing; or what their bounce rate was. Heck, they didn't even know what "bounce rate" meant (and many designers don't either). They had a messy conversion rate metric, if they had one at all. They were flying blind, and it was often a bit of a mess.

That sounds like a dilly of a pickle.

It sure was, but it was also an opportunity, because when I showed them what I discovered, guess what? They were thrilled and wanted help fixing it. They wanted a site that performed for their users and, to put it bluntly, made them more money.

And it helped me. I wanted to be designing sites that made a difference, or at the very least didn't make their bounce rate or conversion rate suck. I didn't want to be flying blind either; I wanted to help them kick butt. (Stop for a moment and consider how many redesigns are rolled out every week where the design or marketing team has no idea whether their new version will help, or hurt, the business, simply because they're not watching their metrics.)

But it wasn't just about fixing problems.

So what will Ninja for Google Analytics tell me?

When you know the data, you know the truth. You cut through the hype and know facts like: is mobile a big deal for this site, or not? Is it growing fast, and should we therefore put extra effort into a responsive design, or do we need to focus all our effort improving the conversion rate of a key landing page? What pages are broken and performing terribly? What terms are users not finding in the navigation, and resorting to search for? I could give my clients a plan based on facts, and not on guessing and hoping. And I could design in a way that made a real difference for them, their business, and their users.

Here's the thing: analytics keeps you focused on what matters. The data always surprises you. People behave in ways you don't anticipate. And I want to design for what's real - not just what's trendy, or what current web design meme is doing the rounds. I want to design to make a difference, and the only way you can know if you've made a difference is to know your data. I hope Ninja for Google Analytics helps you know your data better than you ever have before, so you can design to make a real, measurable difference too.

Cool, but do I have to learn web analytics?

There is an overwhelming amount to learn right now. It's nuts. I don't want to add to the noise. Instead, I'm building a tool that will teach you web analytics as you go. When you use the tool, I'll be explaining the ins and outs of analytics so you'll look like an (wait for it...) analytics ninja to your clients, or your boss. After all, I've written a book on this stuff, and I'm going to build that knowledge into Ninja for Google Analytics.

What's more, you'll be able to brand the dashboards with your own details, so when your clients check their data and see how their site is performing, they'll contact you when they need help. That means more work for you. And it will be more meaningful work, because you'll be designing with facts and making a concrete difference to their business, no matter if they sell products, advertising space, or a service. Heck, you'll be able to make a difference to your own site and business using what you learn too. It's win-win.

So that's the Ninja for Google Analytics story. To conclude, here are five key things it will do:

  1. Give you insights into your data that would otherwise take hours to dig up.
  2. Tell you what to do with the cool data you'll be looking at.
  3. Bubble up the most relevant performance metrics so you know how your visitors are performing, so you can tailor your marketing message, navigation and content in a way that matches what they're looking for.
  4. Bubble up the most relevant web design metrics so you can come up with an appropriate, responsive web design that maximises desktop and mobile performance.
  5. Present it all in a sexy interface you can brand, and your clients will adore.

Sound good? If you want to have a look when it's ready, then add your email below. I'll send you a brief email when it's ready so you can kick the tires.

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Don't worry, I hope spammers die in a fire too.

Thanks for checking out Ninja for Google Analytics!

- Luke Stevens (@lukestevens)